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A word about… video journalism.

With YouTube ranked as the second largest search engine after Google, video journalism is clearly on the rise as businesses search for effective ways to engage consumers on their websites. Whether you’re writing a blog post or recording a promotional video, the principles of good storytelling remain the same. You still have to tell a good story, with a beginning, a middle and an end. And sometimes it pays to bring a professional writer into the project when it comes to video production to make sure your mini-blockbuster ends up telling the right story.

A local nonprofit, Learn 2 Fish With Us, did just that when it set out to tell its story in video format. In an earlier post, we shared how Writing by Design helped Learn 2 Fish With Us use a press release to tell its success story, a heartfelt tale they thought could be even better suited for the silver screen.

Capturing the Learn 2 Fish story on camera.

Writing by Design teamed up with videographer/editor, Jason Vincent, to create a promo video that would capture Learn 2 Fish With Us’s passion for bringing families together to learn the sport of fishing. In addition to drafting an outline for the flow of the video story, Writing by Design plotted out a series of strategic interview questions for the organizations’ volunteer spokespeople, working behind the scenes to facilitate interviews and help the Learn 2 Fish With Us team tell their stories.

Writing by Design and Jason Vincent worked behind the scenes to capture the Learn 2 Fish story on camera.

Writing by Design and Jason Vincent worked behind the scenes to capture the Learn 2 Fish story on camera.

Jason’s creativity and enthusiasm for the outdoors made him the perfect choice for the job, and with Writing by Design there to get the non-seasoned, on-camera talent comfortable for the interview, he could focus on getting the best shots possible. Managing video equipment AND conducting interviews can be tricky for videographers, which is why having a skilled interviewer on site can be worth the additional investment, leading to a higher quality product overall. With an eye on the video’s overarching narrative, Writing by Design conducted the interviews, helping Jason gather the footage necessary to mold a compelling piece of video marketing.

The new Learn 2 Fish With Us video has become the centerpiece of the nonprofit’s marketing, helping attract donations during a generous matching offer from the James J. and Rosanne C. Keller Family Foundation, Inc., running until Dec. 31, 2015. To watch the video and learn more about Learn 2 Fish With Us, click here.

In the end, this video will help Learn 2 Fish With Us convey its passion for fishing to future participants, volunteers, donors, business partners and more, and Writing by Design was proud to help net the footage needed to lure families to this trophy-worthy cause.

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